1. MrToM

    Masking Layer Effects.

    The following image is a simple ring created from a circular shape of 600px dia with a second concentric circle shape of 400px dia subtracted from it. On that shape are two effects, a 'Drop shadow' and a 'Bevel & Emboss'. Now, the 'Drop Shadow' is displayed 'outside' the shape as you would...
  2. P

    Could someone make the shadow a little bit "smother"

    hey, i created a sidebar with an effect on top of it. The problem ist that the shadow is a littlebit " hard". I already include it on my web project, the container where the menu is has a white background, the problem is that the shadow from the object is a lil bit to much. Could someone...
  3. M

    mirrored "ghost" effect

    if you notice there's some mirroring for the text,in the back ,something like smoked,smudged drop shadow can anyone knows how to recreate this "ghost" effect for the text,in this example? Thanks!
  4. M

    Scanning, DPI issues with resizing a layer.

    Hi there, working on a project for a DJ friend of mine, he asked if I could put 50 12" sleeves on one canvas 10x5 with a gap and drop shadow on them, now I did some product photography last year so know the basics of outlining the sleeve and arranging multiple layers then smart object for the...
  5. S

    Fix reflection in sunglasses & make more real

    ​I would like this picture to look as authentic as possible. Mostly the glare in my glasses has to be fixed, and then if you guys are feeling up to it something could be done with the shading to have it look nicer and more real. This picture will be used as a lot of profile pictures and you...
  6. V

    clip, shadow, Reflection - your car

    Content removed Please check your Private Messages Ged Forum Moderator
  7. L

    Quick edit for a photo for a CV

    Hello dear people, I will be very grateful, if someone could edit my picture for my CV. I don't want much, just to make my face a bit smoother and to edit my hair a little bit, because it sticks out. Also if you could do something with the background, something like a shadow for example, so...
  8. B

    Texture to 3D text

    Hi there, I am designing a logo for a friend and their demands are pretty straightforward except for one. For some inexplicable reason, or just to punish me, they want glitterry/shimmery effect on shadow area of the 3D text-that would be the extrusion material to you and I, as in the picture...
  9. Pearlie

    3D 3D ground plane - maddening shadow!

    Not sure if this is the right thread to ask a question.... very new here... There is always a horizon line/ground plane and it's got a darker tone from the horizon line down..... and I don't want it! In Environment, have lowered the ground plane shadows to 0% and it's still there! Still there...
  10. D

    Clean and Remove watermark 1980's Pic

    Hi Gurus, The attached pic is of my Dads first truck he drove when he was 19, on Tuesday he turns 50. I was hoping to print off the pic and frame it for him, but it looks very poor and the watermark is a pain. I have tried to find the original picture, with no success, and when i tried to PS it...
  11. R

    shadow white around the neclace

    Hello expert Photoshoppers, I need some help/tip on how to clear out the white shadow on the necklace. I added the necklace on the neck...But it seems the whiteness around the jewellery is so annoying. How to remove the whiteness? Thanks.
  12. W

    Create shadow on text / Make text 3D

    Wondering could anyone point me in the right direction to create a shadow on text the same as the text in the attached image? Many Thanks!
  13. H

    Can anyone remove the leash and shadow from this photo?

    Can anyone remove the leash and shadow from this photo?
  14. K

    Remove gutter shadow from colour scan?

    I've been playing around with this for ages now and just can't get it looking right. Surely there's a better way! Can anyone offer some advice about how to remove the rather obvious gutter shadow from this scanned image. Thanks so much.
  15. gedstar

    Design-Ready Objects for Adobe Photoshop

    Not sure if anybody has come across this site, if not it's worth checking out, it's completely free. Download powerful objects as PSDs complete with Selection Masking, Layered Lighting, Independent Shadow, and Depth Layer.
  16. S

    Remove shadow from this pic if possible please

    Hi, happy new year to you all. I've really tried to remove the shadow from this picture but I just can't do it! I need to use the pic as a profile pic and the shape of the phone across my face looks ridiculous! I just can't do it, is this something someone could help me with please? I've...
  17. O

    Adding simple shadow effect to invitation cards

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help. I am looking to add a simple shadow to some invitation cards (on the sides) - please see the attached 'invitation card shadow' image to show an example of what I am looking to achieve. The two 'to add shadow files' are the example files that I am...
  18. E

    How do i do this easymode?

    Okay so.. I want to pronounce the shadow some more because I want it to look as realistic as possible. How do I do this? as you can see, the left arm on the sweatshirt looks very unrealistic because the print goes over it. i tried bitmapping and overlaying the shadow but that just made it...
  19. M

    Simple border that i cant do lol

    Hey there guys, sorry to bother you all but im trying to find a way to do this simple border, heres the link to a youtube thumbnail with it . Im making a new layer white, putting the fill on 0 and then adding a stroke and dropping the opacity on...
  20. mdyusuf

    Question: Drop Shadow Work ?

    How I am improving drop shadow ?