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  1. H

    Dropped shadow help

    Hello I'm looking to recreate a dropped shadow effect like the one on the watches below, but simply on a square shape like the one on the right. I've tried with the simple drop-shadow effects in Photshop but it looks far less real. In short I d'like the shadow to look more and more blurry and...
  2. P

    Light Grey Background on mockup

    Hi All, Shadow Layer Working Fine, But There Is Light Grey Cover Over The Entire Document I am working with some mockup photoshop files (from, where you enter the front cover of your publication, and it makes it look like a full booklet by adding a spine with shadowing etc...
  3. G

    Specific Please add a bit of shadow against the wall

    Can you please add a bit of shadow against the blue wall? Like the one on the second picture, a bit on top of both shoulders and a very light one to the left of the head. Thank you in advance :D! Like the shadow in this second picture :).
  4. I

    Specific remove shadow frome my Son face

    Hello Could you please remove the shadow from my son face? I need the picture for renewing the passeport. Thank you so much
  5. W

    Specific Can you please match the skin tone?

    Hey, if you could please match the skin tone of the girl, with the boy's skin tone. And if you could please do some extra details to make the faces more realistic. eg. shadows, lightings etc.
  6. I

    How to perfectly black out a face making it look like a shadow?

    As the title says I would like to know how to perfectly black out a face making it look like a shadow. Here's an example photo: I'm currently using Photoshop CC2020 Any help would be appreciated!
  7. J

    How to make this effect

    Hello. Could you please let me know how to simulate this letters effect? I mean how to make the white border more notorious and also like the shadow it has too. Thanks so much.
  8. D

    Specific Please remove harsh shadow

    Please remove the harsh shadow caused by the flash. thank you
  9. Eggy

    The Long Way

    This is made in PS, using Pixelsquid elements (tricycle and teddy bear), the shadow of the tricycle was made in Blender using a basic tricycle just to have a nice shadow using the shadow Catcher in Blender. I saved it as PNG and imported in the composite and then masked away the tricycle and fit...
  10. Eggy

    3D Testing the shadow catcher

    I used a self made tin can (duplicated twice) a plane in diffuse and a background image to test the new shadow catcher in Blender 2.79. Setting the light right was crucial. Composed this way I think it is very useful to add a 3D Blender object to an existing background.
  11. J

    need help with removal of a shadow

    delete this thread please Mod Edit: this thread will not be deleted but closed. PM sent to OP
  12. D

    After Effects Help! Creating a Shadow Catcher creates a black square

    I have restored the settings and I am still having issues. Im new to After effects, im reading a book following tutorials and ran into an issue its not acknowledging. I am told to Create a Shadow Catcher and Light under an area of text thats on top of a video later thats been tracked. When I...
  13. E

    Changing the direction of a shadow

    Had a few prom photos last night with my teachers, and with my English teacher's I noticed it was off-balanced, so I decided to move myself to the right of the photo so the teacher was in the centre. This posed a few problems and, given I'm okay with photoshop, I wasn't really prepared for how...
  14. E

    Please remove face shadow, thank you!

    Hello, This week, I met one of my favorite artists and I took a picture with him and everything, but due to the lighting in the event, my phone casted a shadow on my face and practically ruined the picture. Therefore, I would like to see if someone can help me with removing said shadow, so that...
  15. M

    Please remove shadow in water from cloud, and make sky less cloudy

    Can someone remove the large shadow in the water (the dark shadow in the upper middle portion of the water/picture that doesn't match the rest of the water, and maybe remove the smaller dark shadows above that one) due to the clouds overhead? Also can you make the sky less cloudy? Thanks in...
  16. G

    how make this shadow text effect

    HI Friends, here is my request can any one tell me how to acheive this shadow effect under the text below the letters as i was new one to photoshop can any one tell is this effect can be created in illustrator and how it can be done? please help me how to do this. waiting for your reply...
  17. P

    Delete Shadow

    Hey guys, i found this one on dribble, it's for free and it matches pretty good with the project that im working on it. Is it possible that ya could help me and delete the shadow wich is there. The Element where the mountains are has a lil shadow and i dont know how to delete this one. Here...
  18. D

    Easy way to remove drop shadow from a flattened image?

    I need to edit an image a client sent me, but it is flattened and it has a drop shadow. I need to remove the drop shadow, and I have tried selecting it the best I can, but when I get around the chrome part, it get's really messy. Does anyone have any tips or tricks that would make this easier...
  19. J

    How do I achieve this effect?

    Hello everyone, First post here (so please be nice :cheesygrin:) Basically, I'm looking to achieve the below shadow effect with any font. I know how to use drop shadow, but it doesn't give the same effect, as it keeps a gap between the front text and the back shadow. I'm looking to get the...
  20. R

    Wrong Reflection Angle?

    Hello everyone I've been doing some Photoshop for a work project. I tried to recreate a reflection of the text. I have a few questions Is the angle correct? When doing reflections, would you still have a bit of the shadow or should I have just reflected the text? Any feedback, as usual...