1. Z

    Walking in the shadow

    nuff said, Alex's Ipod is also sad, and doesn’t want to sync :( have a nice time in heaven steve, you deserve it :)
  2. P

    How to create a thumbnail with two images in it?

    Hi, I'm creating a portfolio page on my website, and a while back I've seen a beautiful effect on someone else's portfolio site that I can't find again to save my life. What they did was create a fairly large thumbnail image about 300 or 400px wide. And they took the home page and a details...
  3. H

    Exporting a graphic element with drop shadow and transparency - PNG

    I'm having real troubles exporting a button which has drop shadow applied to it. The vector shape has Gradient Overlay, Inner Shadow and Drop Shadow applied to it as layer effects. When I export it with transparency, PNG-24 and then open and place it over the same background, the drop shadow...
  4. C

    How to add a shadow / darkness to a face in Photoshop - Help?

    Hi there I know this was done WAAAAAAY before the days of Photoshop and was done using actual lighting, but I'd like to be able to re-create a shadow over the one side of the face using photoshop. Can anyone advise advise the steps how to do it please? I already have my image looking exactly...
  5. M

    After Effects Shadow is not working on layer with effects

    Hi, i am creating a video in After Effects CS5 for a study project and i need some help with this: I habe a ground on which my elements are 'standing' (shape layer). It receives no light, but shadow. Everything as i want it so far. But when i add effeccts to the ground (for example a...
  6. D

    Removing flash background shadow

    Hello, Last week I shot a company event and didn't have an external flash or diffuser. This resulted in a very contrasty background shadow. If it were just one shot, I would clone/stamp and be done; but I have about 25 shots to correct. Any quick method to remove the shadow or at least...
  7. C

    double drop shadow????

    Hi, Im trying to get double drop shadows. i came across an article that said i could convert the layer into a smart object and give it additional shadows. however, when i try that the original drop shadow gets stuck onto the new one. i need them to go in slightly different directions. any...
  8. D

    Drop shadow changes on multiple layers...?

    Hi All, I have two layers, an object on each layer. I'm trying to apply a different drop shadow to each object - but when I change one, the change is applied to both objects, even though they are on different layers... What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.
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    Drop shadow, this is totally cool.

    Ok, probably not cool to the gurus on here, but I think it is fantastic. My phone has a built in weather app is from and I just love the shadow bar effect at the top. It makes it look like the top bar is bending above the actual content. I looked around for some shadow tutorials and found...
  10. M

    Remove shadow on the face

    I would like to remove some shadow on face. What approach is the best? I tried color replacement brush but the result is not satisfactory. Thank you in advance!