1. gautamz07

    removing whitish shadow

    hey guys , wass up . need a small help :D have a look at the image below : now i have edited the above image and added my own sofa , like so . but my sofa has some white shadow on the top cushions , see below :: how do i remove those white shadows ? :( Thank you .
  2. C

    3D HDRI shadow map placement using Photoshop

    Hi, i got a jpg file that is the shadow of the under of a car. Rendered with maxell. Maxwell gives me the alpha map layer and shadow map layer to do the final compose with photoshop. I just can't figure out how to omit the white from the actual darker shadow. Any help?
  3. T

    Merging layers with different blending modes

    Hallo everybody, following a tut about Photoshop compositing, I have to create a fake shadow on the ground. I make it pretty good (see image 1) using tre different layer copy with different blendings mode and Opacity. But when i Merge three layer i loose my semitransparent
  4. C

    Multi Colored Gradient Shadow

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone here knew how to recreate the multi colored gradient shadow effect on the image below. I have the black outline of the object that I want to be surrounded by the gradient, and I want to recreate it so that it is exactly how it is in the flyer below. Thank you.
  5. D

    Printing Graphics onto T-Shirt

    I am planning to print this attached graphic onto a tshirt on the front pocket area as a logo. When I put this logo onto the template and begin to pull the handles out to increase the size the image and text seems to pixilate and look somewhat poor. Any help keeping the text and graphic sharp...
  6. P

    pinning/attaching an image, in order to distort around those stationary points

    i have an image of a tailor's mannequin in photoshop CS5. i have made a fake shadow that disappears into the distance. all ok - BUT.... i need to attach/pin the shadow legs to the point where they meet the legs of the mannequin, so that i can distort the shadow without it coming away from the...
  7. H

    Drop shadow for colour fill layer won't crop along edges....

    I keep running into this problem, I'm using Photoshop CS6. What happens is I'm using a colour fill layer in a rendering and I’ve applied a drop shadow. The shadow somehow is being applied to the outside edges of the page where there is nothing to shadow, so there will be grey/black on 2 sides...
  8. S

    Problem with a drop shadow

    Hello! I'm new to Photoshop, and I'm having a problem. I used the rounded rectangle tool to make a box to hold some text. When I was done, I thought it'd look nice with a soft drop shadow. I added the effects layer to the box layer and it looked good except for it is emphasizing a light...
  9. Y

    How to shade like this?

    Hello guys, I'm quite new to photoshop so forgive me if this might look stupid to you. I really like Ruben Ireland's works (google him if you don't know him yet, I can't post links since I'm new XD ) and I'd like to make art like his. And I really like his shading. Can anyone help me how to...
  10. P

    Making wood trim in PS

    Hi, I frequently add wood molding on to an image of a house. It has been working OK so far but after a real lot of playing around. I really don't know if I'm doing it the right way of if there is a better way since it takes so long. What I have been doing is creating a new layer and making a...
  11. F

    Drop shodow on flat clothing photographs

    hey guys, i was wondering how can i create a very soft shadow around the baby cloths? the first pictures is mine, the second picture is to show the shadow I'm looking to get. Thank you all
  12. A

    How did they do this? (Shadow question)

    I saw this well-designed ad on Wunderground today - How did they achieve the super long shadow effect with such straight lines? I can't seem to replicate in Photoshop's blending options. Surely it wasn't all manually created though, right?
  13. D

    Following a tutorial...

    I just bought Photoshop Wow CS3/CS4 and I'm following a tutorial on a clear colour text effect. Problem is, even following the values given my results look nothing like they do in the book. Like when I give it a drop shadow or inner shadow it looks smaller than it should. When I view the .psd...
  14. P

    Which effects are used here?

    Which effects are used here ? That shadow inside, those lines inside that button? Let me know then I will try to remake it, I already tried but totaly failed.. tried like inner shadow and similar things :banghead:
  15. V

    Shadow on multiple image

    i have thousand images of bottle of wine. I have to insert a shadow under each bottle. I made a circular shadow with ellipse and blur effect. Is possibile to do this with a script .jsx ? I have also to set the convas size adding 140px form the top. Is possible to do this?
  16. S

    Help!! - Shadow/ silhouette effect

    Hi guys, I'm just after a quick run down on how to change a photo to the below i.e. what technique/filter/effect to use. Thanks guys
  17. G

    Advanced Question: swapping shadow with light

    Hi!, I have a question considering the photo below (I hope it's clear enought). Because of the lighting, the small craters in the wall are filled with shadow. I want to get rid of these shadows and highlight them instead (I want them to be brighter than the rest of the wall). Everytime I...
  18. Nordin

    Image manipulation (power of shadows and lights)

    Hey!!! The strength of dealing with shadows and lights when it comes to putting together several pictures realistic is huge. If you can see where it's needed lighting / shadows, then the whole process gets much easier! Ask questions like: When the object get close to the objects what kind of...
  19. R

    Emulate this shadow

    Hi all, i'm trying to emulate the shadow and highlight on this apple icon:- But failing, any ides? ps i am trying to create this shadow on text, so have tried the various drop shadows, inner and outer shadows, glows etc but to nothing resembling the shadow / highlights on this...
  20. M

    How to Create this Drop Shadow part in adobe illustrator?

    I need to Know how to create this Drop shadow that you can see in this photo.(Name under Bruno Hamzagic.) I know the normal Drop Shadow effect.. but cant find out the way to create this kind of shadow(The ends are blurred). Can some one Help me? :cheesygrin: