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  1. H

    Jittery lines in CS6?

    Hey guys, so I've been trying out Photoshop cs6 lately and I really do love it but I've been having trouble with all of the brushes looking somewhat... wobbly. I don't know if there's some sort of stabilizer feature on here or what the problem might be but it's really quite irritating. It's...
  2. A

    help me with this image

    Hi there Guys, please help with this, i just got my cs6 like about a week so i really need help on this. this is the image that i have trouble you can see, in my opinion the clouds that right on the sides esp the right side is..right i wanted to be look like the pic below..i know...
  3. L

    Sometimes stroke produces outline, sometimes not.

    I like a 4-pixel black rule around photographs. Unfortunately, I don't always get one. Here are the settings in the stroke dialog box: 1. Select/highlight the background layer. 2. Press CTRL+A. 3. Go to Edit>Stroke 4. Set width to 4 pixels. 5. Foreground color is black. 6. Location is INSIDE...
  4. M

    brush outline trouble

    I'm using CS5 in Win 7 Pro 64 bit and I'm having trouble with the outlines of brushes changing color. Some of the time the outline is a bright white, which is what I want, but it frequently changes to a light gray which I have great difficulty seeing. This is a rapid change as the position of...
  5. hershy314

    New Chapter

    For years now I've toyed with the idea of running my own business. Recently the opportunity to do so has come up. I'm taking what little money I have left, plus the help of my folks to open up an old country store near my house. Currently having trouble finding trouble finding suppliers close...
  6. G

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone Look out I am a brand new user of Photoshop. So I know nothing I plan to be a casual user so will try not o trouble you too much
  7. H

    Text Warp for Perspective

    I'm attempting to warp text to fit into a banner like the example below: I've tried rasterizing the type layer and using the Warp tool, but I'm having trouble controlling it. Is there an easier method to achieve this look? Thanks!
  8. 5

    Need some help with M&M Character

    Im trying the make the M&M that is cut in half right below the crispy logo but just cant get it. Can anyone help with how or a tutorial on how to? Im having trouble with the top.
  9. G

    Trouble making buttons for website

    I am looking for assistance on how to create this button, in particular how do i get the guys head to appear in the image. This button would be the over state attachment "our-guideover.jpg". I have also attached "our-guidedown.jpg" this will be the down state button. all suggestions welcomed.
  10. yoda007

    Trouble with saving jpg from photoshop CS5 to PDF...

    I am currently working on a project where I have to use PDF images rather than jpg images, however, when I open the jpg in photoshop CS5 and save as PDF the final PDF created has a thin cream line showing up on the right and bottom edge of the image? I tried the save as PDF option with several...
  11. B

    trouble keeping a low-res project lookin good

    hello. i've been spoiled since broadband when it comes to keeping images good looking AND small in size. i have a bowling alley client that has those tv scorers, and the system mandates that the adverts be bmp's no bigger than 512x256. working in these conditions can make some fonts and...
  12. R

    Having trouble with "free transform"

    I have CS5 and when I select a portion of a photo and add it to another photo and make the moved selection very small by "free transform" it loses almost all of the detail. What am I doing wrong? Thank you in adavnce if you have advice.
  13. S

    Having trouble motion-blurring background.

    Im trying to motion-blur the background on an automotive photo I shot and didnt slow the shutterspeed down enough. So, using the quick selection tool, I selected the car, zooming it in to make sure I got every pixel, then Cntrl-C, then Cntrl-V to save as a layer. Then, I reselected the...
  14. B

    Illustrator Need to learn to use Illustrator. Having trouble adijusting to it !

    Hey i'm so stuck in photoshop mode . I cant get uysed to illustrator. Do you guys have any tips to get me on the go with the software.
  15. C

    Trouble with print sizes

    Hello! I'm using Mac (Snow Leopard), CS5, and Epson Printer. When I have an image I want to print at 11x14", it ends up slightly oversized. For example, for the first test set the crop tool to 11x14 and cropped the image as I wanted it. When I printed this, the actual ink-on-paper was...
  16. S

    Trouble Loading Actions

    I have downloaded an action (*.ATN) file from a trusted source and saved it in the Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Presets/Actions folder. When I explore this folder via windows it shows the action I saved plus the default actions that came with Photoshop. When I click on "load actions" from the...
  17. A

    Trouble cropping excess to certain shape.

    Hi. I am trying to crop out the excess that goes beyond the gray square but I can't figure out how to do this. I am getting very frustrated because I know it is something simple. I want to create one image with the square and masks, but cut the excess. Right now each piece is a separate layer...
  18. W

    Eraser trouble!

    Ok so I just figured out my wand tool thing. But now My eraser is painting purple instead of erasing!
  19. P

    Having trouble recreating a complicated(to me) orb.

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble with an orb I need to recreate for a logo. The guy gave me a low-res jpeg and I need it high-res. Can someone give me some advice on how to approach this. Or if it can be done with styles, that would be great. I tried for a while and got close, but not close...
  20. S

    Having trouble with replacing a color in an image

    Hi Guys! New here and this is my first question. :) I am taking one picture for a product picture for my cart. I am making them 8 different colors of the same image. I've been using the color replacement tool. I've been able to color 6 of the 8 colors.... Lime, light blue, natural, Yellow...