1. chitkaran

    My Latest Project for Web Site redesigning - check it out

    Hey ya guys, I have been out of PSG for quite some time now. Was just a bit occupied in family matters and office work.. Here's something that I finished recently. A web-site redesigning for 1. Complete makeover for the website. 2. Search Engine friendly content. 3. Logo...
  2. I

    A number of issues regarding images for website design.

    Good evening everyone, it's my first post here so let me begin by saying Hello! So, I have a fairly basic understand of Photoshop and will hopefully understand methods suggested as solutions to my problem, provided you can keep them nice and simple! :D Right, so here's my problem.. I'm...
  3. P


    Hi, I'm fairly new to Photoshop and must admit find it quite daunting but I know it's a brilliant program so I'm eager to learn enough for what I need it for. I can see myself coming back to this website often for advice so I've bookmarked it. I'm currently using Photoshop CS2. Hope everyone's...
  4. A

    How to?

    Can someone tell me how to create text like that? Mix up Texts (Here and there). I think there's a website for it. I don't remember it anymore. Can someone guide me?
  5. Allison Conrad

    Centering my website on the screen with HTML code help

    I made my website on my laptop with a pretty small screen. I just opened it up on a much wider screen and it's awkwardly shifted over on the left hand side. I want it so that the site itself is centered, but not necessarily the text, pictures, ect. The page has tables on it for organizational...
  6. TravisHD

    Gaming Website Design - PixelPerfect

    What a fun way to finish off this wonderful year! This is a website design that I’ve been wanting to create for a while. A majority of the design is based around pixels and pixel art. This could be a great website for a gaming magazine or anything tech related. Mod edit....
  7. eviscia

    WYSIWYG Script Editor?

    Hello :) I am creating a rather dynamic website for a client, and I've learned so many new things on this journey. At first he wanted a Flash intro, so I learned to create one. Now I'm learning scripts. I know how to write a php script for a contact form, but he wants something else as well. He...
  8. W

    Document Size

    I have a PSD that is 775 pixels across & 950 pixels down… Recently learned how to export all of the visible layers that I want… And turned those visible layers into their own JPEG files. Here is my question: Those newly created JPEG files, they retained the document size of the original...
  9. R

    Website design

    Ok so for class we need to make a one page blog site. Make it in Photoshop and then code it in Dreamweaver. The topic of the blog is soccer. What should I improve on or just tell me what you think of my design thanks :D! ps I'm going to start coding it soon.
  10. G

    Trouble making buttons for website

    I am looking for assistance on how to create this button, in particular how do i get the guys head to appear in the image. This button would be the over state attachment "our-guideover.jpg". I have also attached "our-guidedown.jpg" this will be the down state button. all suggestions welcomed.
  11. B

    Photoshop program suggestion for website idea

    Hey everyone, I have an idea for a social networking site that I'm working on right now. Unfortunately, I am not a programmer, so I need to design a sample template of what I invision the website looking like, so I can pitch the idea to a few programmers that I know, and show them how I want...
  12. agentmoeller

    new website design

    Finally got around to re-designing this for the homepage on my website. Will have to upload it to my site soon. Using a cropped version as my avatar. Agent:mrgreen:
  13. A

    Resizing to Specific Dimensions

    Hi, guys! I'm trying to resize well over several thousand images to certain dimensions for thumbnails, enhanced images, and etc. for my website. I've tried using Photoshop's "fit to image" and "canvas" size to no avail. For example, if a picture I'm resizing is around, let's say, 1500x1200...
  14. T

    New Free Photoshop Tutorials website!

    Hey friends I would like to share with you my new free tutorials website, It will be great to know your opinion! the site is new so the content is just beginning to upload by daily updated! **Free Photoshop tutorials
  15. A

    Non profit website

    Our Non-profit web sites includes a variety of integrated online tools and services designed to meet the needs of non-profits. From non-profit website design and web publishing tools, web marketing, and more, we have everything a non-profit needs to maintain a professional website and start...
  16. Burned Ice

    photoshop troll website??? from this forum??

    this was verry weird, i got there by and i saw this, inclusif iDad comment!!!!! i was like WOW Photoshop Troll all those pic's are from this forum o.O pretty much lame pics, i'll post the iDad pic here: someone knew that guy? (except iDad) and iDad can you tell me more about...
  17. M

    What next after Website design?

    Hi all, I've learnt to design basic website on PSD and HTML/CSS. What next after that? How do I incorporate it into CMS like wordpress? Can someone pls advise? Thank you.
  18. Stric9

    Good website for tutorial videos

    Has anyone ever visited here Free Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks, Bridge, and Golive Video Tutorials :: Welcome to I particularly like the tuts on hair selection and changing hair color from brunette to blonde. But still slot of other good info there.
  19. L

    How can we make our website attractive?

    please help What are the web designing forum advantages?
  20. N

    Ecommerce Website Development

    Hi... Natasha here, i joined this site recently so i don't think that i have enough knowledge to discuss here but please let me know about the latest languages which support Ecommerce Website Development. Thanks a lot.