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  1. W

    How do I make an image less pixelated?

    Hi there. I'm trying to put this image on my website covering half the screen but its really pixelated. I boosted the size to 1500x1000 and used the spot heal brush tool for a bit but it still looks really pixelated. Any ideas? The image is going to be like 20 times bigger than this on the...
  2. Z

    Homebrew logo

    Hello all, i am starting a homebrew and would like an original logo. not all information needs to be in the logo, only the name is required and (if possible) the website. the best logo will be used on all beers (and depending on the distance i will send some beers as a thank u) kind...
  3. W

    which format is better? jpeg or png

    I want to know which format would be better for a logo? png or jpeg or ...? And why? Mod Edit Link removed, please post links to websites that are in English
  4. R

    G'day From West Australia

    Hi All, Im Rob from W.A.I have no idea how to Photoshop but I have put in a request to have an image cleaned up so I can use it for my website. I'm sure it will be a breeze for you guys:wink:
  5. D

    Help with Website Product Shot please!

    Hi all, I've been trying and failing to convincingly combine the attached two images with this post so that it looks like this bar runner (which in the flesh is 880mm long) is on the counter. Is there anyone that can help bail me out of a predicament as I need it for a website product shot...
  6. F

    How to remove background img with glass object

    Hey guys I am building a smoke shop website for my client he sent me some photos... i would like to make the image look like this image here: Here is what i got: Trying to add pictures to the website without a background...Any advise would be greatly appreciated.. Also: I was thinking...
  7. E


    Hello! Im Excited to be here. I definitely want to learn how to photoshop. I'm happy i found this website! My name is Ellie and ready to learn.
  8. S

    Logo font change guru needed please

    Hello, I've just found Photoshop Gurus forum and hope some kind soul will help with my request. Thank you in advance for your viewing and consideration. After 8 years I'm transferring my website to WordPress and would like my logo font to match the new website heading font which will be...
  9. L

    Out-of-line buttons (website issue)

    Just a heads up, not sure if the problem is my end. On the menu button, if I try to click on messages or whatever the button underneath it is, it just constantly hits the search button above, as if it registers that whole line down that side of the screen as one long search button. I'm not...
  10. M

    Jagged Edges

    Hi Guys, this is my first post here and I am hoping someone can help me. I have a problem when I am using the polygonal lasso and clone stamp tool when I am editing pictures for my website. After using the lasso and clone stamp tool I am getting very jagged edges. I have tried all different...
  11. gedstar

    Adobe CC 2017 Direct Links

    You'll need to sign in with your Adobe ID to get the links. More info These downloads are from the Adobe Website
  12. R

    Photoshop question

    Hi guys, As you may have guessed: I am a photoshop newb. Now I have question about a certain cool style I recently saw on a website and I was wondering how you can make this. The style I mean is displayed on the image above. I really like how the transition has been done on the that...
  13. W

    HELP! Any website where i can download Free Stock Photos.

    Hello, I am looking for a website where i can download all free stock photos. help me out
  14. N

    This is so frustrating. Is this a simple fix??

    So, I had a good feel how to have my website functioning. Unfortunately, when I went to present my prototype in my web design class, the slices were visible. My professor insisted that's the reason we use DIV boxes - but I don't have time to figure those out. Is there anyway I can successfully...
  15. D

    Help putting shading on a cross

    Hi All - I'm currently working on a website and want some help putting some shading on a cross so it looks like 3D. I don't see in 3D so it's a bit hard for me. I have included a picture of the cross. To get a look at what it should look like when it's finished please see my other post here...
  16. P

    Want to make a logo as bacground?

    we have our logo, We want to set it as background image of our website. current backgroudn is grey with dots, we like to make it some thing close to this You an see only it contain the ouder line not and remove the innver part of text. how that possible in photoshop or if any of...
  17. C

    Help for charity website

    Hello all, I am in the process of starting a website to sell things for charity. I am doing this on my own time and dime. I am hoping one of you may be able to change the words on the puzzle pieces to "Connections for Charity" in the same font that is currently being used. Thank you for your...
  18. Yahyaoui

    Design Overdose

    So many loved my last work. I got so many requests to do another one. So here it is, the crew is here. :D
  19. H


    Hey Photoshop Gurus, I'm from the Philippines, I want to learn more about Photoshop and i really like the feel of this website :wink:
  20. gedstar

    Photoshop Elements Plugin ElementsXXL

    Just came across this, thought it may be useful for anybody that uses Photoshop Elements According to the website ElementsXXL adds up to 430 powerful features to Photoshop Elements for Windows