1. pslane

    Another question already? About masks

    This is not about layer masks. I call them external masks, but anyway, I once had a good website that explained exactly to apply them and now I can't get that website up. Maybe you can help. I know I have to select all and paste the mask to my image but after that I'm stumped. (layer blend...
  2. M

    Need Suggestion for my Website

    Hello Everyone, Hope you all are doing Good, Hope I am not posting this Thread in Wrong Section or Not Violating any sort of forum Guidelines. Well coming back to the topic I just launched my New Website named Responsive Checker and I need little bit help from you guys...
  3. benftaylor

    Logo Request

    Hey all! My mum just started to do home visits, im primarily a web designer so ive started creating a website for her. Anyway she needs a logo for the website, and for the new business cards etc. its a reflexology business called; Feetspeak for those that dont know, reflexology is a massage...
  4. J

    suggest me best design

    hello all i am starts new website plzz suggest me the design Mod Edit: Please ask a more specific question and post a screen shot rather than a link. I'm also moving this thread to Web Design. Thanks.
  5. M

    Which versions allow colour correction of video?

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a version of photoshop for my Dad as he is into scuba diving but is always complaining that the colours on screen from videos doesn't match to how they should look. I know that A version of photoshop would be able to help with this but I don't know (and can't find...
  6. Z

    Hello newbie here.

    Hi, I just joined today and I don't have much to say. The reason I came to this website is to learn, that is all. have a great day.
  7. E

    Need to change the logo for our website

    Hello everybody. Our logo and the color has changed a bit and I need to put a new logo on the website, I tried to do it myself but the result is very bad (I'm a newbie in PS) ... the logo is new and the website background color too, I need to connect background with the logo, the center has to...
  8. F

    How to add modern gradient effect?

    Hey, I'm a pretty inexperienced photoshop user using cc14 and I'm designing the graphics for a new website I'm working on and I was trying to get the kind of gradient(?) effect shown in this website if anyone could help that would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.
  9. N

    Newb Flundering

    Hey guys, I'm trying to make a website background with the two included pictures. Its for a website that is gardening based and I'm looking to make a dirt kind of background and then the grass banner cuts it off at the top with their logo and such would be in the banner above the grass. The...
  10. gautamz07

    Website wireframe

    Hey guys , had nothing much to do today so made the following one page website wireframe , tell me how you like it :D Thank you. Gautam.
  11. agentmoeller


    .... from a T-shirt website.
  12. N

    How to change background to white

    Hey Guys Can anyone show me how to make the background of this picture completely white? I need to upload this pic to a website. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Z1000

    Pixelated text in photoshop?

    Is it possible that font in photoshop is more pixelated or blurry than on website even if I use anti aliasing?
  14. gautamz07

    T-Shirt edit for Shopping website

    Hey guys , wassup and how u all been ? I miss u all , i really do :D . check this below image out . basically its for a small ecommerce website , the thing is , it looks too dull and what i'd really like is to make it look a bit professional and bright . I did't try anything much , except...
  15. N

    Background problems

    Hi, Perhaps is a small introduction for a newbie on this forum (like me) a good idea: I'm a Beglian chemical engineering student and I'm building my first website, but unfortunately I've stumbled upon a BIG problem. Like you can see, I use a picture as a background: a paper "glued" to a a...
  16. E

    Website top bar is too dark - need it lighter

    Hi all, I need to change a top bar to be more lighter on my new website, because the logo is loosing in the background. Tried to do it by myself but the I can make it more lighter but I'm loosing transparency, I don't know how to modify the image without loosing transparency. If someone could...
  17. I

    Two graphics needing critique

    Hey folks I'm looking for someone with more insight in some graphics that I've done. Maybe give some advice as well as compare and contrast my current work? Maybe let me know which of the two you find more appealing and explain why? I think your opinions would help me in my pursuit of...
  18. S

    Software to design affiliate website?

    Hello, I am planning to start a site like Desidime, Komli display offer and comparison of site like, snapdeal,flipkart & some other sites and earn extra money through affiliate programs...but managing affiliate site is not easy for one person...So tell many software that...
  19. D

    New guy from Manchester UK

    Hello there Guys and Girls I'm new here, just in case you hadn't realised. I'm very much a beginner here rather than a "Guru". I'm here looking for help and guidance. I figured this would be the place to start. My first question is Can anyone point me in the right direction of a good website...
  20. H

    Edit Request or instructions please

    This an image of myself. I have been trying to make it an overall better photo but I'm failing miserably. I know the background is a bit distracting, but I need help. I need this photo for my website, so I need it to look more like a professional portrait. Maybe some makeup, remove the...