1. F

    Logo for website

    Hi i'm creating a website which is a database for vehicles. Its called Online Auto Database . Is there anyone with free time able to design a logo? Unfortunatly its a unpaid job. But its very simple. Be creative, do whatever you want. Im not fussy. Cheers
  2. simonwalsham69

    Opinions on website design

    hey guys, this a site I'm working on for a friend's martial arts club. just after some general pointers and opinions on the site design as its not something I've really done before, some like the menu style are limited by the website creator, but most things are changeable by us. linky: Home...
  3. simonwalsham69

    Website design idea

    Hey guys, I've been working on this site design with a friend of mine for his new martial arts club he's hoping to start up just looking for any input/criticisms you might have....
  4. brandon skyy

    Website question im not new to making badass flash sites :D but i need a site that is NOT flash...something that will have users be able to sign in and upload content of their own. someone told me about wordpress, but from what im getting from their website is its made to have a layout for...
  5. F

    Protecting My Website Template With Creative Commons License

    Hi guys, I've just created my first website template, its nearly passed the design phase now but i want to know how i can protect it from being re-distro by others as i plan to sell it on. I've looked in a Creative Commons License, as i cant be bothered to wait / fork out some cash. This...
  6. W

    Designing a Good Website Design

    What rules I need to follow before designing a good site. And shall I go for professional web design company.
  7. P

    Changing the aspect ratio of my Photoshop website design?

    I created a rough draft of a website (It's my first time.) And i made it 800x600. I found that the standard of websites is 1024x768. I would like to convert what I've done to that format w/o having to recreate everything I've done. Anyone know how to do this? And any tips on aspect ratio for...
  8. DesignMyBox

    Please Review Client's Bicycle Website

    Hero Cycles is one of the largest manufacturers of bicycles in India. We have been asked to re-design the company website. But before we actually start the process, I request you fellow forum members to visit the site and tell me what you feel is wrong with the website. Please give your...