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  1. B

    Quick Mask Feature Stopped working

    On CS4 when I click the Quick Mask button it indicates that it's on but will not paint what I'm trying to mask. I tried opening PS with shift+ctrl+alt to reset preferences but do not get the question to return to default. I'm using it on Vista. It worked fine a day ago.
  2. V

    Working with Green Screens

    We have another Photo tutorial exclusively today. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to shoot photos with a green screens for background replacement. Learn more at the jump! View This Tutorials: Working with Green Screens - VideoCreative! There are times when you have the model, but...
  3. A

    What I'm working on today ^_^

    Creating a piece of custom artwork for branded product marketing. The artwork will be used for email, social media and print marketing. What do you think guys/gals?
  4. L

    pen pressure not working?

    I have a tablet pc with a stylus, but photoshop is not recognizing this when I go to the "shape dynamics" option. any ideas ?
  5. Y

    Looking for Photoshop/Illustrator users interested in working on comission

    Sup……I'm looking for peeps who are good with Photoshop and Illustrator, to collab with on some designs I've got. This is not a pay up front type of job. More of a project with a 15% commission concerning all profits. I'm looking to build a team of people I can collaborate with over the long...
  6. M

    After Effects Shadow is not working on layer with effects

    Hi, i am creating a video in After Effects CS5 for a study project and i need some help with this: I habe a ground on which my elements are 'standing' (shape layer). It receives no light, but shadow. Everything as i want it so far. But when i add effeccts to the ground (for example a...
  7. ibclare

    working on a gift

    I am working on a gift for my sister, using pictures from her wedding. I have started with this image. It is pretty basic and I would like creative ideas for giving it zing (any ideas using the basic elements) or just comments/critique. Thanks, IB
  8. M

    Brush size on keyboard no longer working

    Hi, I have just bought a new imac. I am having problems with the keyboard for adjusting the brush size (for eraser/clone stamp/brush etc) I used to use the ][ keys for this but they no longer work, i've tried just about every combination under the sun using the shift, command or alt keys but...
  9. T

    Displace Filter Not Working in CS5

    I used to apply the Displace filter all the time in previous versions of Photoshop so it's not like I am unfamiliar with this filter. But in CS5, all the displace maps I have in a folder no longer work in CS5. I am trying to apply Displace to make it look like a reflection is rippling...
  10. P

    Photoshop on sites...or people ho have fun in working with it!

    Hi,i'm new on the forum and a not very experienced photoshopper actually..i have got to make a photoshop work for a friend of mine and since i don't have the experience yet to do a fine work,i'm wondering if some of you know a site where you can send pictures and photoshop them for you...