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    pop-up menu ?

    As far as I know, you can't make pop-up menues in ImageReady (or Photoshop). That's a job for GoLive, as far as Adobe products are concerned. Of course, Dreamweaver can do it too.
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    Dont be shy now, what ages are we all :)

    I'm with Wendy here...age is just a number :D Let's just say I'm beyond the age where I want to flaunt a number! But sometimes I act about 16.
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    Best way to work with multiple layers...?

    I should have explained it better, but you got it, neolite! :righton: Also, in case you haven't found out yourself, drag from the image window; don't try to drag from the layer palette! (Believe me, people try to do this, and wonder why it doesn't work)
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    been gone, need help

    Welcome back, Anamacha! Yeah, I've tried the thing of having a vision in my head, and trying to find images to match. I've found that very rarely works. What I do now is, get a general "feeling" of what I want, then start browsing. And, in most cases, altering the image(s) to suit the...
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    Best way to work with multiple layers...?

    First, welcome, neolite! If you want all the layers (or some) in another Photoshop file, link all the layers you want to move, and make sure one of them (doesn't matter which one) is active. Then make sure the move tool is active and drag and drop into the other file. All the layers will move...
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    You've Come a Long way, Baby

    Excellent! Love to hear about someone picking themselves up, and you have the talent to go further. :righton: Good luck on the contest!
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    How Much Memory To Give Pshop

    Welles, that's a great setup! I too am running OS X (Panther) with the same amount of RAM you have and a similar hard drive setup. Thanks for the suggestions!
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    Suggestions for a tablet?

    Agreed on the size thing. I have a 4x6 Graphite and I couldn't be happier with it. It doesn't hog valuable real estate and it's does everything I want it to do. And, you can't go wrong with Wacom. The Graphite's price is right, too.
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    Simply saying something is "ugly" (for a posted image these boards) isn't helpful. To me, the point of commenting on someone's work is to help them make it better (or, in some cases, indeed saying it's "awesome") If you don't like what someone's posted, please, point them to a better way. If...
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    Great retouching work.

    He does beautiful work. I particularly like the ones where he shows closeups, and even in a couple of cases has a "rollover the Photoshop layer" where you can see what he did.
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    Secrets of the Gods: finding your doc's center coords.

    True, true...chocolate and PB is a winning combination! I think it's partially the chocolate and salt; I also love chocolate-covered pretzels (with dark chocolate of course)
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    im new

    Hi, jobbey and welcome! The tutorials are an excellent place to start, and if you're good at them you've got a leg up already :D Mark's tutes are for the thinking, creative person, and the idea is to use them as a starting point, then tweak them, mash them, twirl them, make them...
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    Exhibition in New York City

    Wow, Erik, those are beautiful, and just a taste of what is shown. Wish I were in NY! And congratulations! Your art certainly deserves to be exhibited. Can't wait to see your new site!
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    Help with GIF !!

    First, get rid of the interlaced. That can slow down an animation dramatically. And please, either post or link the file :) It's impossible to tell whether or not 19 frames is too much without seeing it. (190 frames is definitely too much for any animated gif to be posted on the web!) And I...
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    Secrets of the Gods: finding your doc's center coords.

    Hey, I understand healthy eating; I do it myself. But there are some things that are sacred: You don't do PBJs with anything but the good stuff: Skippy's, Wondre Bread (white), and Welsh's. You don't do hot fudge sundaes with anything but real chocolate fudge, vanilla ice cream and real...