1. M

    What are the steps required for making Infographics?

    Hi, Everyone I am new here in this forum. I am looking for Infographic design that is the best way to represent my business. But, quiet confuse!. So, anyone please help me, who is an expert in designing Infograhics design.
  2. O

    Star Wars - Button Artwork

    I need a fun photoshop done! I'm looking for a re-enactment from a deleted scene of The Force Awakens. Chewbacca Rips off Unkar Plutt's Arm. You can see the clip on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cB5Wu7dX0XU Looking to make a cool button for a Star Wars Convention coming...
  3. L

    Facebook Cover (Simple)

    Delete Post can be deleted.
  4. E

    Turning Path Selections into Shapes

    Hello! Does anybody know of that "Shape" button in the Pen Tool's tool bar that allows you to turn any path into an immediate shape? It used to be my go to button when I had a selection that I turned into a path so I could turn it into a shape. However I recently got Photoshop CC and I can't...
  5. H

    (CC) F-button actions fail in full screen when coming from 2nd screen

    Hello all, Since version CC i have this problem with using my action programmed F buttons, when coming from my 2nd monitor. This problem only appears in full screen mode. I'll try to describe it more clearly.. I always work in full screen mode (f button once) because i hate to be distracted...
  6. L

    Out-of-line buttons (website issue)

    Just a heads up, not sure if the problem is my end. On the menu button, if I try to click on messages or whatever the button underneath it is, it just constantly hits the search button above, as if it registers that whole line down that side of the screen as one long search button. I'm not...
  7. B

    Type Tool cursor

    No matter if I use vertical or horizontal, when I type a letter it increases the cursor. A character is not shown. What button or option did I inadvertently touch?
  8. T

    Customizing Tablet Pen Buttons (Erase)

    I've just purchased a new tablet and was looking to use the first button on the pen to erase but cant find any info on how to achieve this if possible. I had borrowed one of the older Wacom Bamboo tablets from my work and this was easy as it was an option in the driver - there was a drop down...
  9. L

    Deselect tool picker

    I am going along with the book PhotoshopCC Missing manual by Lesa Snider. I need help in tool picker selections on left side of screen. I am unable to turn a tool off (deselect) after selecting one. I have searched this site, Adobe site, general web search with no luck. Have tried using Esc...
  10. T

    missing workspace button on options bar

    I've tried resetting and deleting preferences. It WAS there, but now it's not. And it won't come back.
  11. O

    Adobe Camera Raw cancel button and validation dialog box

    On one of my computer, whenever I hit the cancel button in Camera Raw I get the «Cancel all changes, including changes to non-selected images?» dialog box. So, at least, I can save my work if I hit the button by mistake. However, on my other computer I get no dialog box when I hit the cancel...
  12. M

    How do you make a button pin in photoshop or indesign?

    I am majoring in graphic design and one project is for us to design a button/pin in either photoshop or indesign. The instructions say that "The size of the button is 2.5" round for the pin-back. Bleed area is the extra background that will wrap around to the back of the button and into the...
  13. R

    The "Back" Button is Hijacked by Facebook

    After reading a given PSG Forum thread, I click the "Back" button on my browser (Internet Explorer 9) to get back to the list of thread topics. But perhaps 70% of the time a single click doesn't work. Instead, I need to double-click the back button in order to avoid browsing history that...
  14. M

    First time creating a GUI

    Hi there. This is my first post on this forum, and I'm not very experienced with Photoshop. I am trying to create a GUI for a home automation system. I just have a few questions I was hoping to get some help with. I bought a button pack that comes in a psd file. Each button is a...
  15. qmyxpa0c1l34

    Made from scratch Glossy Button

    This is a glossy button that I made from scratch. This can be used for many different things such as website buttons and game interface controls. Using my method you can make a wide variety of buttons. My tutorial is available at my blog. Link is in my signature. Thanks, and please comment. :)
  16. T

    Adobe Flash Button Actions Problem

    Hi, I'm a beginner in flash. I'm trying to use action script assist for a flash video in as2. I made a circle. Then I right clicked and converted to a button. I go into the button and right click HIT to open the actions window. In the actions window it says "Current selection cannot have...
  17. R

    Help making a pressed button effect

    Hello everyone, I'm new here in this site and on Photoshop. I'm making a project on Visual Basic and what I'm trying to make is two pictures: one regular of a button with a nice frame. the second is that same button only having the effect of being pressed and pushed down. So I will program...
  18. SeniorS

    Is there a way to switch off "Thanks" button?

    I'm instresting in that option, is that even posible? And maybe "like" button too. But mostly i search for that "Thanks" option. Didn't find it in settings but maybe i miss something. Why i want to switch it off? Good question :) That's just my personal issue i quess. I feel greedy or...
  19. Paul

    Report Button

    Any chance of a report button within members home page?
  20. Z

    Create a shadowed button coming out of page

    Hi, bit of a noobie been using photoshop a bit and have something I want to create but not sure how to. I want to have a shadow effect hole in a white page and then put a button within the whole. To make it look like a webpage has a hole in it, that then has a button in it. Any ideas would be...