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  1. A

    Automatically detect and select a circle/circular area

    I'm looking for a way to batch process thousands of images. Is there a way for Photoshop to automatically detect the circular area I need select? The problem is that the images are different sizes and the circle is not going to be in the exact same spot every time. Also, as you will see in the...
  2. PegoMan

    Brush cursor question

    When I use a brush for any procedure I use a circular cursor. My problem is that I can not get the working area of the cursor to fill the circle. It only fills a portion. It would be much easier to move the cursor circle along an edge when painting out a background if the working area filled...
  3. Rufkraft

    Turning a rectangular stripe into a circle?

    Hello Everyone! I have been having a difficult time turning a rectangular strip into a semicircle to make a seamless whole. So far I have used a circle as a guide and warped & puppet warped the strip. My results have been less than satisfactory. I was wondering if there is a better...
  4. T

    Refine Edge Problem

    Using CC2014, when I use the Quick Selection tool, and then try to us Refine Edge and the Refine Radius brush, the brush will not open. Instead, I get that circle with a slash where the brush should be. In the tutorials, the brush works. Not for me. Simple setting error?
  5. C

    Get back the clone stamp circle

    Once I have set a source for my clone stamp in window A, stamped it in window B, how do I go back to window A to get a different spot without showing the current source image? I just want the circle that shows me exactly what I am picking up, so I think I want to reset the source to...
  6. G

    changing a circles shape?

    Hi I am new to Photoshop.Only installed the free version 2 days ago. (CS2 Vers9). I expect that I will only need to use it a couple of times a year For my first project I would like to design some trading cards. Much like this project on youtube. This is the...
  7. J

    Illustrator Text on a circle path question

    I understand how to put type at the top of a circle path, but I can't figure out how to get the bottom type positioned differently the way I have shown I my attached example below. Any help would truly be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Camilla

    How to *evenly* curve a *panoramic* image along a circle's circumference?

    Hi! I am at my wits end in searching either YouTube, Google or various Photoshop tutorial pages for an answer to this, to no avail. I need to know how to *evenly* place a panoramic image along a circle's circumference smoothly. :banghead: :runaway: It is important that Stockholm's skyline...
  9. D

    Stroked circle array

    Hey gang! I'm wondering if there is a quick and easy way to create an array of decreasing diameter stroked cirles. I've attached an image of my attempt and you can get an idea of what I'm after. The way I did it was to create the initial circle path, stroke it, then duplicate the layer and use...
  10. Z

    how to complete an uncompleted shape image

    Hi there, I have a very simple graphic of a shiny sun that misses the top and bottom parts. Is there a way to add the missing parts / complete the image in Photoshop? Thanks in advance!
  11. gautamz07

    Colored circle

    found this on the internet . will re-create it and post it here . :D
  12. B

    Teach me how to make similar kind graphic please

    Kindly please Teach me how to make similar kind graphic please also give me any tutorials. Thanks in advance.
  13. T

    Illustrator Silly newbie tool question - I hope!

    ***Sorry obnoxious about img size!** I really hope someone can help me with a hair puller. I'm used to photoshop, but I've been attempting to familiarize myself with illustrator for some projects. I'm cruising along pretty good, when all of a sudden by brush icon no longer has the circle...
  14. L

    Cannot draw a circle

    Hi I cannot find out how to draw a circle. In the tool box I see the rectangular shape but not any circle. Please help! Ciao
  15. O

    Circle fade effect

    Hi, Im new photoshop member , how to generate fade effect using photoshop CS5 As an example : see image attachment . Thanks For Your Help HAPPY HOLIDAYS :rocker:
  16. J

    Text on Circle- Cursor will not change from I beam

    I am a new-bee. I read and watched Youtube video on how to wrap text on a circle. I did the following: 1. Turned on my Path view under windows 2. Created a new file. Used default settings. 3. Clicked on the Elipse 4. Selected the Path Icon at top. Second one 5. Hit Shift and created a circle...
  17. X

    How can I wrap a line round a circle?

    I want to draw a straight line, say 8px wide, with an arrow head at one end. then I want to wrap it round a circle so it points to itself. How can I do that? Thanks in advance!
  18. B

    How do I make this highlighting circle, box and arrows?

    Hello. I'm putting together a paper that has technical pictures which need certain parts to be highlighted with circles, boxes and arrows. I originally used Microsoft Paint circle and box tools, which was very easy to use, but the shapes didn't have smooth sides, were too thin and it looked so...
  19. Windows7

    How to draw a half circle in PS CS5?

    Yeah yeah guys i know that the most of you find it "dumb" but i can find everywhere how to draw a circle and the easiest way is the eclipse tool BUT.. i can't find ANYWHERE how to draw a half circle with on one side a perfect vertical line and the other side a circle? Thx!
  20. N

    Drawing circle: issue with shape definition

    starting from a 300 dpi image, I draw a simle circle shaped path and fill it with foreground color, and then the result is just not clean. The border does not look acceptable. I don't understand what the problem is