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  1. Diimondc

    Specific Edit out underwear lines

    Hello! It was my birthday yesterday and I took this photo that I really like, but you can see the outline of my underwear. I would like the lines edited out and the dent of the underwear line at the bottom on my skin smoothed out, and also for the colour to be evened out so you see no trace of...
  2. A

    Specific Remove white lines

    Please could you remove the white lines from the image?
  3. S

    Glitch effect help

    Hello! I am quite new to photoshop and have been experimenting with many glitching techniques over the past few weeks for my art gcse... I recently came upon a photograph and cannot figure out how to edit a photograph like this... could someone pls give me some tips for those multi coloured...
  4. M

    Help an Archeological Study right now

    Hello, I have to work on drone-collected images, mainly of fields, and enhance them to make them clearer. As an example, a wall buried beneath crops will deprive them of water, resulting in them being not as green or not as tall as the others. The problem is that such difference can be very...
  5. G

    Does anybody know how to create this type of art? PLEASE HELP!!!

    I'm trying to learn how to do this but struggling.. A lot of the images seem to be based on real photos which is what I'm trying to do. I've seen an artist vaguely describe their method which was that they draw the outlines in ArtRage, and then colour it in Photoshop. I've attached an image of...
  6. T

    Specific Can someone please photoshop the colors out of this and make it all white?

    Hi how's it going. I'd like this map to be all white. Right now there are a million colors. However, I'd like the town border lines to still be there. Can you help me with this? thank you.
  7. Roberts1010

    Can Anyone clean this picture up?

    Can you take out the power lines and the car in the background? Maybe make it a prettier day? Any help appreciated!
  8. M

    After Effects Recreating flowing lines animation

    Hey guys! I've found this lovely animation of lines twisting and being nice in general: How would you recreate this effect? Any tip is greatly appreciated:)
  9. mikecox

    How do shapes work?

    I've tried to draw several lines on an image. I have been able to draw the lines, which were created as smart objects, but while the line is visible, adding another causes the first one to promptly disappear. Hitting Enter also makes them disappear as well. I thought maybe I needed to...
  10. A

    Getting ridges on lines. Not sure why.

    So after my last thing about grids/guides, I managed to complete what I was doing. After completing it, I noticed some lines were not straight, sharp. I'm using CS3 and those boxes were created, specifically those lines, via stroke in blending options. I used a shape tool to make the square...
  11. H

    Qaulity Issue with line work

    Hi, So I've been using PS cs6 for a while, with a particular interest in drawing manga/anime. Obviously for this I will be doing a lot of drawing/linework. Everytime I try and draw, I find it very difficult because I have noticed that my lines seem to be somewhat pixelated or rough. like...
  12. A

    Improve quality of lines

    Is there any way to improve the lines of this image? I'd like to work on it for a wallpaper, but it's only 400x300! Thank you!
  13. C

    Pen tool question

    When I'm using the pen tool. Sometimes I might evidently click on something else or I might click a button in th le keyboard. After this happens I can't continue from where I left off. It starts a whole new selection. When I try to alt+z it doesn't fix it either. So my question is, what do I...
  14. Inkz

    Geometric Box Logo || Grid & Sketch Work

    Here's a fun design I'm currently working on. I love grids and lines and shapes and making them into an interesting piece. This one is for fun, the only guide lines are it could be used for a techy sort of business lol. This will be updated with progress and finished design.
  15. J

    Clean up this oscilloscope trace for $30

    Can you please help me clean up this oscilloscope trace? I will pay $30 via PayPal. I would prefer if you could work from the original (CR2 or JPG) here: I've included markups in the imgur album linked below, but essential I'd...
  16. GiovanniPiris

    Question in regards to removing notebook lines from drawing [NOT BLUE LINES]

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum and just got finished posting in the introduction thread, so I figured that it'd be ok to go ahead and submit a quick question to the experts on here! I have a bit of a juicy challenge - I have a very complex drawing that I did on lined paper (it was a...
  17. K

    After Effects Getting this effect?!

    Hi guys looking for some info on how to pull of an effect similar to the photo, as you can see there are grid lines over the shape of the car and looking to get this effect
  18. T

    Red lines. Lots of red lines

    i dont know where to post this. sooo... is there a way to remove this lines? the red ones. its an old file (like 6-7 years ago). when i opened it, the lines showed up. and it only happened in this file and not on the other "same age" files that i have. i tried to hide every layer and its...
  19. C

    Removing lines from old photo

    I have this old family photo (attached) that has white lines all throughout it. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how I could remove the white lines. I was thinking there might be a way to make another layer of the photo and shift it down a pixel or two in order to offset the white...
  20. A

    How to make this logo

    Hi, How can I make this logo? I try to make the lines but It's hard to me.