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    cuting out hair - nightmare!!!

    In addition to MB's suggestion :}, here's a couple of old gems. Go to the bottom
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    reflection text effect, (newbie)

    In Elements, I believe it is called Simplify Layer from the Layers menu.
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    Adobe: Petition on-line

    Couldn't agree with you more. There are so many alernatives to express yourself at a fraction of the price. Adobe has started to price themselves right out of the consumer market. That's on both the vector and pixel fronts. My last upgrade, after a lot of tooth-pulling was from 6 to CS. But...
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    glass effect

    Nothing there to tear up. You've hit the reflections right on with this render. The shadow may be a bit over the top, but that's just a first impression. Good work.
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    The Little Red Riding Hood Series (Little Nudity)

    First Domen, it's great to hear from you again. Was just thinking, the other day, about where you'd gone. I can see by your site, that you've been busy. Looks great! The Little Red Riding Hood exhibit is terrific, and has the characteristic Lombi feel. It'd be nice to get over to your neck of...
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    Help Please!

    Open the Character palette and click on the All Caps button, on the bottom. Looks like "TT".
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    glass effect

    The base is excellently rendered, but I think the bulb itself is a bit cartoony, when combined with the realism of the base. I guess work on the reflections would bring this out. Overall, nice job docilebob. :}
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    Feel challenged ?

    Awright Bob, I hear ya! Just gotta get around the idea that I'm knocking off for the rest of the year. Now back to some fun stuff.
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    take a peak at this

    Hmm .... I can't hit it with either the PC or the the Mac, running the latest Flash releases. Then again, the sun will rise, with or without it. 8))
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    vectorize the sphere

    Very cool trick Ron. Once again, you've got me off to mucking around, instead of putting food on the table. [shhh] Good stuff man, keep 'em coming. You have loyal students out there.
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    SiteGrinder...PS plugin to make websites?!?

    Sitegrinder is a very capable tool for the enthusiast, to easily get a site up and running. Of course those that design using more elaborate or more root tools will find it a bit insulting. But for what it's worth Sitegrinder gets your average bloke going.
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    A Mossy Old Tree Texture...

    Thanks Klaatu for bumping this, and finding it's current resting place. Neat little action set, and a good example of Mark having some good creative fun. It's worth the price admission to study the actions, step-by-step, and see what they're building up to. :}
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    Font Management

    Man o' man, I can't believe you keep 5000 fonts active without a font manager. If you don't have the loot for a commercial solution, try an open source app. Google it and you'll find a whack of them. Other than killing the font preview, only using the Info Palette, when you need it also keeps...
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    bachground molding

    You never fail to impress, ron. Distorting a texture grid for clipping [innocent], interesting technique! Now I'll never get any damn work done, for experimenting. :D
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    3D Hi All

    Great stuff Rick, so good to see you around again. s'Bin a heady couple of days, revisiting and re-meeting some the good old folks that are/were a vital part of this gang. Ya, I love messing with Terragen, maybe we could put up a thread to show off some of the fruits of our playin'. And...