Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners

Tutorials designed to help the newer users understand some basic tools and functions.

As well, to understand how the program works through the learning of some simpler effects.

Photoshop Tutorial - Photoshop for Beginners
Photoshop For Beginners

A tutorial that helps beginners to have an easier start with Photoshop.
Photoshop Tutorial - Channels

This Photoshop tutorial explains what channels are, how to use them and what purposes they serve.
Photoshop Tutorial - Color Scanned Drawings
Color Scanned Dawings
A tutorial that shows how to color scanned drawings.
Photoshop Tutorial - Starburst Effect
Starburst Effect

Detailed Photoshop tutorial that shows how to make a cool starburst effect.
Photoshop Tutorial - Spirograph Patterns
Spirograph Patterns

Easy way to create fascinating spirograph patterns.
Photoshop Tutorial - Custom Brushes
Custom Brushes

This Photoshop tutorial explains how to create custom brushes.
Photoshop Tutorial - Selection Tools
Selection Tools

A detailed tutorial that shows how to use selection tools. This includes the marquee selection tools, freeform selection tools, magic wand and pen tool.
Photoshop Tutorial - Fill Tools
Fill Tools
In this tutorial we show you how to use fill tools. We talk about gradients, gradient editor, paint bucket, fill command, textures and a whole lot of other things.
Photoshop Tutorial - Layer Masks and Clipping groups
Layer Masks and Clipping Groups

This Photoshop tutorial uses a problem situation to explain the use of layer masks and clipping groups.

Photoshop Tutorial - Blending Modes
Blending Modes

This tutorial explains the different blending modes using several before/after images. Advice and tips are included.
Photoshop Tutorial - Brush Palette
Brush Palette

This tutorial explains several things about brushes, also how to make custom brushes like for example a hair brush. Several tips are included.

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